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Content SEOScore Relationships

This SEOscore tool has been developed over 3 decades with close analysis of over 400 major search engine results.
This SEOScore Tool Is Instant
This SEOScore Tool has no limits.
This SEOScore Tool is Not a percentage result.
This SEOScore Tool There is no maximum.

This SEOScore Tool is Analyzing relationships between your content and the meta tags you choose.

This SEOScore Tool shows you the Keywords your content will be found with by search engines are chosen by script
Having a free SEOScore Tool teaches writing for the web. Teaches writing for pre-selling
The more you use this tool the better you will become at writing for the web and get a far higher SEOScore

SEOScore and Writing for the web is far different
Writing for the web you have to realize people scan more then read.
Writing for the web is more abstract and must catch the readers attention before they will actually read your content.
Writing for the web requires more focused directives, pre-selling with out being brash
Writing for the web your content becomes the meta data
Writing for the web has more freedoms

Content is king, we have all heard this, and Content is king is more relevant then ever.
Content for the web is not just repeating the same words over and over.
Content for the web is now intelligently analyzed for relevance.
First impressions last forever
Title 100 chars max or 6-7 words
Description 40 - 70 words
Content 1100 - 1800 words