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Archives 2011-12

Are Your Keywords Proper
Keywords done properly combined with valid content that is relevant to the keywords is imperative in search engine marketing. To over look how results are decided by algorithm and then displayed is the same as shooting darts in the dark.
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First and Foremost
It is always nice to visit our website and be personally proud or pleased by the innovation of this marketing frontier we call the internet. So who is the website for?
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Post Verses Comment
What is the best approach when using social sites that involve groups to join. Is it a post or a comment that gets you the desired response? Over the years I have noted through stats analysis that one gets results many times over and much faster.
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Why not fully automatic
Over the years we have watched social marketing evolve. There has always been one pertinent stigma relating to who is successful or an exploding recurrence as to why not fully automatic systems.
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